dont give up


“`– when non stands for you but all criticise::

– Every one against you instead of embracing and supporting🙅

– All your ideas repudiated rather than accepted 😤

And you feel like

your never gonna make it:::“`


👉🏾👉🏾“`One who has the ball is attacked during the game❗

👉🏾👉🏾Only the ripe mango is stoned of all on the tree❗

👉🏾👉🏾Only that fruit that takes long to ripe will taste best❗“`

_And above all, an eagle flies alone but still soars highest independent of any peers;_


                      Yours truly;

                     Mianz J Isaac

                           Author @

Bible reading consideration z


“`1. With out the help of the author of the Bible (God); No one can understand the Bible.

2. Those who read the Bible simply to find Ammunition for their religious arguments will surely miss God’s message.

3. Those who search the pages of the bible to find support for what they already believe will also miss God’s messages.

4. Those who elect themselves as judges as to what part of Bible to accept and what part to reject will ensure that they miss God’s message.

5. But those who come to the Bible with a driving need to get acquainted with their father will hear His message; and this message will win them back to God the father and his gift of eternity.“`

_* spiritual emphasis.*_

“`_Stay blessed_“`


​This one thing i jolly mean to say before the new week is come⏪

​⏩ This one thing i jolly mean to say before the new week is come ⏪

​⏩ This one thing i jolly mean to say before the new week is come⏪



👉🏾 *”No great wisdom can be reached without sacrifice…”* 👈🏾

So,…If u was bout give up your game.!.

👉🏾 *Don’t even bother till all the nations throb with your great inventions innovations and authoring…* 👈🏾


    Have great week…


    *Yours truly; Mianz*



​No matter how *we go astray…..*
His loving hand is always waiting on us…
*to make the right  choice of Him….*
no matter how *Vile en filthy* we be…
He wont hasten to carry us, into *His Loving Arms*



Sound mind

​God has not given us the *spirit of fear, but the spirit of power and of love and a sound mind…*

That we may not  be *afraid to conquer all your fears, troubles, afflictions and all our tasks to succeed in life…*

So let this spirit give us the *courage through every working day of  every month en all way through the year , decades and centuries….*


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​At first sight,

Captive beauty beholds

Humbleness is portrayed

From the human conduct.

Staring for a while,

You notice the innocence 

In her eyes and the kindness

All over the glamorous face.

Not so out going, but,

So friendly and critical about 

Who becomes a close friend or

Who becomes an acquaintance.

A most focused soul,

With a great self respect and 

Self drive that no peer is able of

Causing any element of perverse.

Must i say how hospitable!

Simple and approachable she is

U will have to swallow your own

Words if they are much nuisance.

Thousands and thousands

Words are never enough to describe 

A gorgeous and humble being like

You  ___and,

If i am not included the 

Negative side of U, i ask of U that 

My ignorance of it be forgiven for

I have only learned good of you.

embrace me

​I may not have enough,

I may not be good enough,

I may not be styled enough,

I may not be have fun enough,

I may not be supportive enough, 


My love for U is sufficient enough,

Embrace me i am just as enough,

And I will then be good enough,

U’ll notice iam styled enough,

Full of fun that is enough,

And supportive enough,.

Yours truly

Mianz J Isaac

Lament, oh the  love that’s waxed cold!


Behind this smile,

I weep for my troubled soul,

I then look to heaven…

Whence my help comes from,

That i forget the horrors of my life,

When i lay on my coach…

I weep sore in the dead of the night ,

That ye giveth me courage en strength,

Yeah, the strength en courage…

To overcome world’s sarcasm hatred scorn,

And resentment for mortal man’s love waxed cold,

Yeah, the love that waxed cold that…

Man is become alien to himself not caring how many,

Of his linage he puts to death in cold blood sorcery and portions,

All this my soul trieth as much as Christ abideth to forget…

And get reed of but my eyes have not lost sight of ,my ears hear still,

And my mind still haunts and torments me with this these terrors of the earth,

In my iniquity in my despair and mine turbulence en tribulations…

You my liege my lord hath not forsaken me and thy truth have i known but,

For my conduct en that of men of the earth, i wonder if this truth shall set me free!